Saturday, May 02, 2015

Haiku Deck, another hassle free online presentation tool


It's another free online presentation tool - with huge icons and simple layouts - especially simple for beginners. A change from the templates, designs and layouts that we are familiar with :)

On the other hand, no matter how easy or 'pretty' an application is, it still depends on the creator - the ability and skill to put the message across in an effective manner.
The platform? Is just a means for us to package our ideas to make it more effectively communicated.

Making Animated Gifs


Animated Gif... Just insert and click "create".
Recall about 20 years ago, it took us to pay for the then-sophisticated applications to create simple animations like this.
This is how technology has made progress over time, not just making it easier to do, but also in a cost-free and hassle-free manner :)
No accounts is needed in the website.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Is it relevant or redundant?

We subscribed to the StarHub services for many years, and in the recent year, it comes with the "Interactive Channel" that I did not access until only recently. It comes with 6 broad areas of information that includes "live" cameras of the various expressways, availability of car park lots in selected car parks situated in the town area.

Amongst them is the "Yahoo! News". Initially, I thought it would lead me to brief intro lines of the updated news. Instead, it picked a few pieces of news to be highlighted. A click at each piece of news shows a QR code that would lead the user to the website with the news article.

All seems to be convenient. However, on a second thought, I just wonder....
  • To read a QR Code, one needs to have an internet-connected device (e.g. Handphone)
  • Would it be far much more convenient to access the news from the website, since the news I received earlier came from HR site.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Audiences behaving badly... at concerts and theatre shows

The Straits Times (Saturday, 29 November 2014)
Click HERE to view article in the Straits Times website

I like going to theatres to watch performances, especially those from the broadway - hence, I'm pretty familiar with places like the Esplanade, Marine Bay Sands Theatres and the Resort World Sentosa (RWS) Theatre.

The first time I could not believe my eyes was what I saw at the RWS Theatre after a show. In fact, the feeling was quite different when my 'neighbours' scrolled in with popcorns, sandwiches in their hands! I could not believe that patrons are allowed to bring food items in! What's more appalling was at the end of the show, litters were all over the place (on the floor)!!!

Is this the behaviour of the supposedly more cultured theatre-goers? I wonder?
Similarly, late-comers took their time to walked in blocking other audiences. Haiz...
How do we go about cultivating the appropriate social behaviours in the theatre?
Perhaps this could be another area to be included as part of Gracious Singapore Movement?

Online Scams - How the report could be more informative?

The Straits Times (29 November 2014)

Saw the publicity posters pinned up at the void deck several months ago. Today, saw this article that reports the Singapore Police Force (SPF) is stepping up its effort to heighten the public's awareness. Indeed, I was hoping to find out what are the preventive measures or tips to look out for online scams. Unfortunately, the report did not carry this information :(

On the other hand, googled "Singapore Police Force" and "on scams" and the following link was surfaced:

The link brings me to the page where the SPF provided examples and tips to the public, that I thought these are very useful information. Here's what I got (screenshot)

Just a quick thought: Would it make its promotion efforts more effective if the newspaper article also carries the direct link to the information source?

Quite often, we assumed the readers were just reading updates to know what's going on; perhaps one way to value-add (and increase the usefulness of the article) is to provide links to the relevant authorised websites? Something for considertaion.