Saturday, May 02, 2015

Haiku Deck, another hassle free online presentation tool


It's another free online presentation tool - with huge icons and simple layouts - especially simple for beginners. A change from the templates, designs and layouts that we are familiar with :)

On the other hand, no matter how easy or 'pretty' an application is, it still depends on the creator - the ability and skill to put the message across in an effective manner.
The platform? Is just a means for us to package our ideas to make it more effectively communicated.

Making Animated Gifs


Animated Gif... Just insert and click "create".
Recall about 20 years ago, it took us to pay for the then-sophisticated applications to create simple animations like this.
This is how technology has made progress over time, not just making it easier to do, but also in a cost-free and hassle-free manner :)
No accounts is needed in the website.