Monday, May 29, 2006

Learning Journey to GIC

It was a loud, cheery and smiling voice that greeted me when I stepped into the reception area of the 37th floor... Oops! Is this Singapore? For a moment... hm... there leaves the very very first impression... :D

The Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Pte Ltd. Its name is so confusing... is it owned by the Government? or it's a Private Company? There it came clear at the end of the trip - it's initiated by the Government of Singapore, and it's engaged by the government to manage the country's reserves! It has a strong board include big names like MM Lee, PM Lee, and some cabinet ministers. And... it has one and only one client, that is, the Singapore government!

Some pointers from the various presenters
Analytical & Quantitative Skills
People Skills
Sound Judgement &
Decision making - making decision based on INcomplete set of info; to be
comfortable with uncertainty
Responsibility &
Integrity - stick to the decision, even if it goes wrong
Communication skills - Precision &Clarity

Leardership: Collaboration + Consensus + Cooperation

Components to Global standards:
Policies & Practices - the need to contextualise
Characteristics (the Singaporean experience):
Permissive or Authoritative
Think Agility (learn & Relearn)

Look outwards
Recalibrate all the benchmarks - Performance, Benefits, Pay, etc...
Innovate as one goes along
Adapt, adapt, adapt

Paradigm Shift:
Autonomy vs Governance
Deision Making vs Accountability
Adaptive vs Assertive Leadership
Facilitative vs Authoritative Leadership

Facility Management: Guiding Principles - 3Cs
Cost - cost effective yet meets business needs
Comfortable & Convenience - user experience
Continuity - robust

Importance of Training
Competitive Industry - needs skills to compete against the best
Constant changes - new markets, asset classes, instruments
Organisational coherence & sustainability - corporate values

Focus of Training
Organisational values
Professional skills
Technical & Soft skills
Managerial & leadership development

Training Map:
>> Staff Performance Appraisal
>> Target Setting
>> Staff's Training Roadmap - taking into account: Background (staff training history), Dept's training roadmap, Organisation's Training Roadmap
>> Plan implemented with Training unit
>> Training history updated

Training of the Associates Programme
>> Training on Technical & Soft skills
>> Staff Interaction & Bonding
>> Organisation culture & values
>>>>> classroom lectures & exams
>>>>> Bourse Game (investment games)
>>>>> Rotations to Depts
>>>>> Social events (lunches, BBQ, bowling)

Leadership position...
Personal Effectiveness, Interpersonal Skills and Management Skills
>> Understanding one-self & others
>> Managing your EQ
>> Working in Team & Group Decision making
>> Communication & Conflict Management
>> Gaining Self & Interpersonal Awareness

>>>>> Seeking the GIC Leadership DNA <<<<<

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