Saturday, March 31, 2007

Workshop Requests

It's not my forte... however, because of the needs of the job, we have to do it... to talk to 'strangers' (usually the HODs), to understand their needs (that's leads to the request), and to see how we can support them. We did that last year... indeed, found that useful as such talking helps the HODs to re-think their intent and desired outcome of the request - what they hope to see - eventually happening in the classroom, when the teachers could transfer their learning to application.

Perhaps because we were only dealing with requests of Maths workshops last year. Indeed, unknown to us, we took for granted that we know what we can offer.

The challenge comes this year when we have to deal with workshop requests on areas that are alien to us... worst still, we were equipped with out-dated references. Yes, got hit... realised, without good knowledge on what we can offer, and making assumption that the ones dealing with the subject (while in the school) would be able to manage the delivery of the workshop can be killing - to ourselves. Yes, we will kill ourselves by possible over-promising... possibly landed up having to do just-in-time training before the workshop. Yes, the stress is beyond words... in order to deliver a reasonably ok workshop.

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