Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pointers from HOD Maths Briefing (Secondary) - North Zone @ Northland Pri (25 April)

  • Digital Video taking - clips on symmetry > share with class
  • Digital camera - enlargement & reflection
  • GSP - Additional Maths: Differentiation - Maximum and Minimum Areas - Pupils can see animation while they do calculation (on paper)
  • Maths Journal Writing - Reflective wirting on what they have learnt
  • Maths Forum - Teacher puts up questions to get pupils to discuss (questions similar to Maths journal)
  • SAIL Projects - statistics
  • eLearning
  • Blogging

Alternative Modes of Assessment:

  • Sec 3 pupils create games > Sec 1 pupils scheduled to attempt the game stations - gather a stamp upon completion to get a token.
  • Trail stations > Pupils move around to learn Maths in real life
  • Problem posting - using MSN chatroom
  • GEP: uses differentiated learning - emphasis of tasks - Process; Content; Product - where pupils are grouped according to abilities
  • "viva voce" - to develop pupils' communication skills. Usually, pupils will work out their steps by writing them down. Here, pupils verbalise what they're going to do, describe how they solve the problem.

Assessment for Learning

  • Reflection
  • Indept Learning (Internet Research)
  • Question Booklet (small group) clarification of questoins
  • Maths trail online - teacher designs questions in the web

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