Friday, June 08, 2007

Organisational Culture Narrative Capture

Duration: 29 May 2007 - 15 June 2007

Our Corporate values:
Integrity the Foundation • People our Focus • Learning our Passion • Excellence our Pursuit

QUESTION 1 (Compulsory Question)
During a family gathering, your brother said that he has been promoted as a Director in his company. He is concerned about general perception that staff have on leaders.
What stories, from your personal experience or the experience of someone you know who have had interactions with the senior management (i.e. Directors and above) in MOE, would you tell him to better prepare him for his new position?

Question 2
Your friend from another division confided in you that he had made a big mistake in his work, which would impact some schools adversely if nothing was done to rectify it. However, he was worried about the consequences if he were to own up to it.
Describe something that happened either from your personal experience in your division or someone you know in MOE HQ that would either encourage or discourage him to resolve the matter in the proper manner.

Question 3
At a family gathering, one of your relatives commented that MOE HQ must be a place where staff's interests are taken seriously since their work contributes to the moulding of young lives and the future of Singapore.
Describe an incident, either from your personal experience in MOE HQ or someone you know, to either support or disagree with the comment.

Question 4
You have a colleague who recently completed a one-year work attachment to a private sector company and has just joined your office. He wants to organise some sharing sessions to share new ideas that he borrowed from the private sector company.
What stories, from your personal experience or that of someone you know, would you tell him about your office to encourage or dissuade him from doing so?

Question 5
On his first day of work, a new colleague of yours is curious about the quality of work that your division produces.
What stories from your personal experience would you tell your colleague to either reassure or caution him about the work expectations in your division / MOE HQ?

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