Sunday, December 30, 2007


Yes, FaceBook is a social networking platform that brings people around together.

When got the first invitation from Paul, it was more like an obligation to go in? Why? Because the purpose is to test out how the platform can work out to serve/support a COP. Keeping that in mind...signed up... and realised! ahha... I had one account already!

Found the platform can be confusing, even though am quite comfortable in navigating the various sections... probably because it's so 'flexible' that one can 'lost thread' of where we are! Nevertheless, found a few "plus" points of FaceBook... so far:
  • Found a couple of friends and old colleauges! And through their network, discover (or 're-found') some others....
  • The photo album feature! Yes, I took advantage of that to upload the photos of the trip - in particular CN and others... so that they could download their photos effortlessly! It provides a pretty huge storage space.
  • Some interesting applications such as "Interactive Friends", "Fun Wall" that we can draw graffiti on others' walls...
  • There's probably more potential to be discovered...

Oh yes, also noticed there're a couple of "getting-to-know-thyself-more" applications; however, some requires the user to 'spam' others first! Hm... not an ethnical way to get more people onboard!

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