Saturday, January 26, 2008

Reflection: Workshop for HOD/Maths (Sec) @ Bedok South Secondary

Immediately after the 1st session, we had a debrief to review the day's programme and surface areas that we did well and those could be improved - since we have a 2nd session, we could possibly use it to address the gap.

  • Expectations - it's one of the rare occasions that we did not ask participants to blog their expectations. It is never a easy task to get participants to volunteer their expectations - er... unless they're under threat... hahaha... Similarly, in this session, WK volunteered 3 participants and the responses were quite generic (i) to understand how ICT can be integrated into the Maths programme (ii) to find out how to do integrate ICT as the current integration in school is low. So, any new ideas? Not really. Personally, I thought it is good to get them air their expectations - believe there's certainly some odd ones out there which we could tap on.
  • 2 things that I thought we could do better: (i) Get participants to pen their expectations - be it in the blog or post-its. This allows everyone to air their thoughts. With the thoughts documented, it helps us to connect what we are doing for the workshop to the participants' expectations when we stocktake at the end of the 1st session or the beginning of the 2nd session. Of course, this also helps to surface any outlier... (and see if we are able to manage the expectations of these people - in fact, we had 1-2 in this workshop. Unfortunately, we are unable to surface this because of the strategy used this time.) (ii) We could have tapped on participants' expectations to highlight what are some of the areas going to be covered in the workshop (ie. telling them - look out, your expectations should be met along the way) and of course, point out those that are unlikely to cover in this workshop (so that they need not to wait and get disappointed at the end of the day).
  • Learning Gaps & ICT Tools in Education: The tea break provided us a slot where we could do a quick check on the tools available to address to the gap. With this, we are more well-equipped when facilitiating the discussion within the groups when they were to identify and suggest tools that could address the gap. I thought, this is something we should keep it up with :D
  • Linking the Filling-up the ICT Integration Matrix to Context: Participants went through the motion of completing the different components in the template; however, the rationale was not shared, to make it a more meaning exercise. In the next workshop, we'll do more talking to help them see what they are going to do is linked to the bigger picture.
  • Under the "ICT Tools in Education" segment, participants were engaged in exploring the materials and resources. Similar to previous runs of HOD workshops, they were amazed by the bulk of resources available. Hooray, they seemed to get something they want. The plan was to get them do a within group jigsaw, but did not quite work out. Will try a simplified version - where each group will look at only one resource. Perhaps they helps! One point to emphasize next time - the rationale of exploring the tools so that it would not be seen as a separate component. Though managed to talk about it in the 2nd session, however, it would be more meaningful if the rationale is mentioned in the 1st session.
  • We have introduced the use of wiki in the 2nd session - it has been made simple and they attempt during the workshop... Hm... it has arouse the interest of some :D
  • The inclusion of the Integration Matrix - the value of using it has been accepted by the participants as they could see it's a tool designed to help them. Have 'set' the incomplete task as a homework... hm... have not received the updated yet... Ah!!! have to chase already...

Something that needs to be reinforced...

  • Though we made an effort to distribute the stickers for the participants to write their names, we did not insist... hence, some did, some didn't... OK, trainers need to get use to it first... But I thought it was good for us, as trainers to write our name big and stick it that participants could just address us by name, easily. It helps to connect.

A few things to remember... to avoid...

  • Stop the ".... learning Algebra or whatever...." and "... so on and so forth..."
  • Giving nothing except "Good" or "Very Good" responses to the participants. Remember, they are not students!
  • Hold all the "K", "OK" and "alright"
  • Use "We (can)" whenever possible. Avoid "You (can/should)" - sounds instructive - which does not go down well with very experience teachers.
  • Currently, Intuitive Experimental Approach focuses mainly on the Teaching of Geometry - so do not use in the teaching of Maths.

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