Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reflection: Workshop for HOD/Maths (3rd Run)

on 26 March 2008 @ Commonwealth Secondary (workshop blog)

Things that went well...
  • For the 1st run, we started quite punctually.
  • Once again, most participants expressed the ICT tools in Education component was useful.
  • We managed the time of the activities pretty well - time spent on the activities were close to what's allocated.
  • Participants had some fun with the grouping activity, using the strings.
  • Participants managed to find something appropriate to address the learning gap - some brought in their own resources, one group had suggested a spreadsheet resource to learn quadratic inequalities - thought that's something we can work on :D
  • Able to answer to the queries from participants pertaining to baseline - (i) eLearning - activities that incorporate baseline skills (ii) BY(i)TES in relation to Baseline (iii) Graphmatical use - yes & no for baseline
  • Pointing out to participants another way to identify learning gaps, apart from approaching by topics; but also make reference to the Mathematics Framework
Things that could be better...
  • Remembering to refer participants to handouts - especially Handout 1 (the Cycle)
  • Helping participants to interpret the learning gaps correctly and being able to explain beyond the words already printed there.
  • Clarify/elaborate the examples came up by the participants and help to sharpen it so that it illustrates the gap better.
  • Notice the discussion on the ICT Tools in Education was less rigor than that of the 2nd run. Hm... Why??? Just wonder - the liveliness somehow was not there. What caused the dip?
  • The activities in 2nd session did not seem solid enough...
  • Some participants did not bring their scheme of work though they had been informed... looks like it works better when they were reminded via email - the emphasis on the need to use.

Anyway, am glad that it's the last run of the full series of the Baseline Workshop for HODs/Maths (Secondary).

2 more things to follow-up: Post participants' work - Learning Gaps and findings into the wiki (for both 2nd & 3rd runs)... have to keep in mind... must work on this...

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