Saturday, April 26, 2008

International Year of Potato... some ideas generated

Source: (embedded on 2008, April 26)

First heard about the "International Year of Potato" while reading Mind & Body earlier this year. Till today went to the UN website and take a look... Wah! A website solely devoted to this.

Thought the video gives a good and a easy-to-understand overview. Ideas generated for lessons. The commentary touches on several aspects:

  • Migration to all over the years and its economic value
  • Potential in alleviating the world poverty and hunger
  • It's role in agriculture sector and impact on the economic growth
  • Farming - science and technology use to become widespread
  • Conservation efforts
  • Science and Research

A look at the website... There are lots more to offer... that subjects like Science, Humanities, and Food & Nutrition can tap on... of course, not forgetting English! Also, there's a photography competition, which can be a by-the-way submission by pupils as they attempt the related task/project.

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