Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Youth Olympics Games (YOG) Learning Centre

Made a trip to the YOG Learning Centre 'cos was running out of ideas for lesson design - to integrate the YOG theme into ICT-enabled learning activities to learn Maths. What a tall order for someone who know little about games! Ah! Maybe except Volleyball? Saw a couple of lessons in the package produced by CPDD. Though could enhance them with ICT use, it's still not as good as understanding the spirit behind the event before penning down any ideas (to be 'sold' to teachers!). The website provides a pretty good overview... still, think nothing beats seeing the real exhibition.

The YOG Learning Centre is located at 1 Kay Siang Road, just beside the old MOE building. It comes with 2 stories... was told more exhibits coming in... (ok... there's always continuous enhancement?!). Was lucky to have Eric, one of the personnel overseeing the area to brief me on the exhibits. Very helpful guide... giving backgrounds of some of the displays, etc... Ah! Could sense the pride from this ex-SAF officer! Yes, the pride of every Singaporean! When the island country is entrusted to host this privileged international event!

The Beijing Olympics Torch

The Olympic torch from Beijing (which, I was told, it weighs more than 1 kg) that was handed to Singapore when announced that Singapore is hosting the very 1st YOG!

Something interesting about the fitting... if you hold the torch for a short while, the sensor will activate an audioclip which was the noise one heard at Beijing Birdnest when the flame was litted up.

The Friendship Mural

The Games
Here are the games that Singapore is hosting... one that's uniquely of YOG is Basketball - the game has been modified to become 3-3 Basketball. In order words, there'll be 3 players from each team and the size of the court will be halved.

About some of the games...

Locations of the various Games (tentative)

Values of Olympics: Respect, Friendship, Excellence

Here are the 3 values - in the spirit of YOG. Not sure if it's purposely ordered in this manner... 友谊第一,比赛第二。

YOG website:

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