Friday, April 10, 2009

Long Live! Confucius!

Take the title literally! Was rather intrigued by the picture... Yes, it's Confucius! See what he's doing? Having a computer sitting on his lap! Wah! Even Confucius is engaged in the digital world! (hahaha....)
Am trying to think what's the message behind this art piece. BTW, this is only 50% of the entire art piece (the other half is Einstein). First thing crosses my mind...
  • Lifelong learning... no matter how learned the person is, there's always more... the thirst of getting to know more!
  • Seek knowledge beyond one's boundary... During Confucius period (think is Zhou dynasty), the best technology I think is ink and paper. To expand one's horizon, the only way is to travel or listen to wisemen around. However, learning evolves with technology progress.

I guess, it's really the spirit we want to embrace - there's no one way, but move with time...

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