Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sharing on Leadership... (by Eunice)

* In blue are some lines captured from Eunice's slides...

1. Do you get self-satisifed with your victory? How will you push yourself to a greater height while adhering to your moral compass?
My thoughts
Personally, I think, as human beings, we naturally enjoy the moment of victory, which is the satisfaction that we wanted to have after putting efforts into the task (into the process). That moment of "self-satisfaction" - yes, I do. And I indulge, and I enjoy indulging in it for a while, to enjoy the sweetness. It's like a comfortable cushion that we could always 'fall back' on especially when we experience set-back. However, it doesn't mean indulge and never get back to reality and move on!

The victory is an affirmation of our efforts, our choice - a milestone in a long journey. When we reach the signpost, there's where we take stock, reflect and plan how to move on. Yes, reflection is very important, and certainly our moral compass will provide another check of our process. Have how we live and what we do guided by our values. Have we arrived at where we are through rightful means? Have our action lead to some undesireable impact, etc... directly or indirectly to people around us (or even those beyond)...

2. What response do you often have when people tell you that you can do better?
My thoughts
Unfortunately, I would not interpret this as an encouragement to do better. My natural response would be, "huh? You mean, you think I've not put in my best effort despite that I've put in my best?" Of course, that's when I've put in my best effort at that instance! and next, I could further interpret that as an insult!!!

I'm more receptive if it comes from myself, through my truthful self-assessment, "I can do better"... That's to inform others that I'm capable of doing better than what you see now. Of course, if I've already reached "the point", I would say, "That's the best I could give now".

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