Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Learning Boost - A 'LMS' application

Came across this in the eduCamp @ NP.

A pretty interesting tool that could help the teacher to manage the class schedule, attendance and even assignments, and to the extent of allowing parents to access, too! Wow! It sounds great, and there's one example of how it's being used (in SAIS!). Thanks for the sharing!

It's a pretty simple tool, though, and it's free!
On the other hand, to integrate into the school's google domain, it would mean allowing the apps to access data from the site, hence, would probably compromise the security level, I think. Hence, it's pretty unlikely to incorporate it into the staff domain.

What are some features that are interesting to me:
  • It allows one to plan the classroom layout... haha... it's a good to have where we could drag and drop students' names to the classroom layout (as we wish) :)
  • Attendance marking, which could be extracted in CSV format
  • Indication of home work (and teacher could elaborate) in the system
  • Recording of marks and review
  • Of course, parents could access!
Of course, there's one features I was trying to find... but was not there...
having a link that I could post at the public blog or embed into the GoogleSite/ Blog...

I guess it's worth exploring if one's use of the GoogleSite is not in a mature stage, which unfortunately, in my situation, we are...

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