Sunday, October 28, 2012

Facebook Albums for Documentation of Visual Reflection

One of the features I like about Facebook is its Album feature, which allows us to post our thoughts together with images.

Not a avid reader, the only time I really sit down to read is the weekend - which is one of the most enjoyable moments in the week (apart from watching my beloved "Doraemon")  ^.^

Newspapers reading is interesting - it's short articles that informs us of the happenings around us. It's not just reporting of events, but occasionally, insights from others. Sometimes, if we would also notice that a seemingly objective report presented its 'facts' with the reporter's perspectives 'embedded'. So, that's how mighty a 'pen' could be... it subtly sharps others' perspectives & mindsets sometimes!

That's also one reason why I find reading newspapers articles is not just for information, but it's also time when I respond with my own reflections, too! It becomes interactive. This interaction is also a reflection of our values, that sometimes we don't articulate! A collection of these thoughts, in times to come, would be a good documentation of who we are, what our values are, and it definitely helps to 'track' (or show us) over a reasonable amount of time, how we have changed, or what are the things that we hold dearly to (our principles?).

Because most of these articles come in paper (of course, there are those from the website), photographs become the most convenient means for documentation. And I choose to post in them in Facebook. One valuable feature is that it allows comments from others, where sometimes that offers different or deepened insights that help me grow, too!  And certainly the Facebook Album becomes a good platform to organise them :)

So, do drop by "ArticleMe", a public album once in a while to share your thoughts, too :)

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