Sunday, February 03, 2013

Google+ Photo Albums vs Facebook Albums

Riding on the recent Conference trip to Chiang Mai, I took the opportunity further test out and make comparisons across platforms that I know - Facebook albums and Google+ album, of which the latter is pretty new to me... although I had used PICASA (also under Google) in the past, however, what's in Google+ was something that I had not explored.

I guess, it's because of the settings I did to my mobile devices, where both my iPad and iPhone were installed with the G+ apps, all the photos I took with these 2 devices using the "Camera" apps were automatically uploaded to the "G+ Photos" automatically (at least at the end of the day without me having to 'email'/'upload' manually! Of course, the 'fortunate' thing is, by default, the instant uploads are only visible to myself!

Somethings I like over G+ Photos & Album over Facebook:
  • A photo can appear in more than one album - this is something that I'm still trying to figure out in Facebook
  • Under Instant Upload, the photos are organised by dates, which makes it easier to manage (esp to select)
  • It's easy to move the photos around within the album; of course, this is similar to Facebook's improved features :)
  • We can run slideshow for the photos in the album whereas I think we can't do so in Facebook
Something that we can't do in G+ Photos & Album now but can be done in Facebook
  • tagging location to photos and adding introductory text which is possible in Facebook
Other things that both are comparable: Making comments and tagging of people in the photos

Somehow, I think I am now more incline to use the G+ Photo Album :)

In Google+ Photos,

  • click HERE to view album on the Conference Welcome Dinner
  • click HERE to view album on the night market (below)

In Facebook, click HERE to view album

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