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True Blue Productions by HCI

Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2015 @ NIE Singapore
URL: https://conference.nie.edu.sg/2015/

Title: True Blue Productions - A Student-centric approach to harnessing the power of Digital Media in Values Education (shared by HCI teachers, ProEd consortium)

This is one of those presentations that I find the ideas are more adaptable and is certainly an area that we can work on easily, given the current school context.

What the consortium does was to produce short films/ video clips that highlights messages/ key ideas of values education. Broadly, its productions are categorised as:

I think it's a clever way to leverage on the existing environment and culture to produce resources that not only serves as convincing case studies (where students spoke from their own experiences and reflections for various purposes), but it can also double up as another means to brand the school, as its own students and alumni would be the best spokepersons.

Videos are several categories were shared, and I think these are do-able at our end...

Category 1: Related to character building and demonstration of good values (好人好事)
Here, students talked about little good deeds that they did (and surfaced by others). This was coupled by reflection, where the student discussed how he challenged the norm. Indeed, as mentioned by the presenter, such presentation could be used as learning resources to prompt students to think deeper and reflect on their own behaviour and values.

To me, I think a more valuable message to send across to the student community is, small acts of kindness or thoughtfulness make a difference and they can do it, especially the example comes from their very own community. The influence would certainly be greater compared to cases that took place in other very different cultural/ social contexts. In fact, this is also a means to develop or create the culture of care and kindness within the community.


Category 2: I Did it!

I quite like this idea about getting students who share how they overcome challenges and make good progress in their work - in the example shared, is about the academic performance. More importantly, I think most of these cases are able to identify and pin point on the cause of their pitfalls, and how these have affected/ worked against what they intend to (when they first enrolled to the course).

In fact, there were students who might not have done well, however, through great support and self-resilience, they managed to develop good habits and cultivate self-disciplines. These are good examples to showcase to acknowledge their good effort and getting them to encourage the rest who think the 'change' (improvement) is impossible. Nothing could speak louder than these examples around them (真人真事).

Certainly, this should not just limit to academic performance, but could also be extended to sports and skills, etc.

Perhaps, we could even consider our alumni :)

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