Saturday, June 25, 2016

Picking up the paint brush, once more...

The last time to use a brush to paint (with poster colours) was when in secondary 2, during the Art lesson! Since then... I've not painted anything.  For acrylic paint, it's the first time! Interesting! It's a different 'handling' experience (for the materials - the paint, as well as the canvas)

Thanks to Samantha who organised for this bonding session for the CWSAP teachers (unfortunately, only 4 out of 6 able to turn up). Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable session.
@ Artestiq, Mandarin Gallery

Tubes of paints

er... where we dipped our brushes here to wet and 'wash' the brushes

The first item completed in the entire painting - in Quadrant 1

My masterpiece - after 1 hour
incorporated some tips from Samantha 
(e.g. the need to balance the picture in terms of colour and weight)

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