Sunday, July 16, 2017

Parking Lot: Engagement 'equates' to Learning?

Source: KQED News - How to Determine if Student Engagement is Leading to Learning 

The article deals with a question that I think most educator would be able to answer - Engagement does not necessarily imply Learning takes place. It has been the myth that was clarified long long ago.

Hence, while technology may engage the learner, it does not necessarily mean that the learner has learnt effectively with technology use.

Of course, we need to first unpack what 'engagement' means (in the educational context). I think what's described in the 'hidden curriculum' has clearly listed down the elements that need to be present and interact "in" the learner. The outcome: extends to the level of motivation they have learn and progress in their education.

The article added that engagement would also translate to deeper learning (initiated by the learner). And to evaluate the degree of success, students must be able to demonstrate the understanding and skills they are expected to have acquired through the 'engaging activities'.

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