Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Learning Journey to Alexandra Hospital

Some learning points:

1. A little difference that makes a big difference
It's very often that we look at making big differences to bring about changes and impact... but through this LJ, learnt and re-affirmed the fact that, small acts of thoughtfulness that come with sincerity from the heart does have a great impact. It's the warmth and care that draw people closer... that flourishes the relationship... which is essential in the process of change and transformation!

2. Being Customer-Oriented
Yes, I think it's important to keep in mind what's our core business - the impact and changes to bring about - (by the organisation) - on the children - who eventually are the ones who shape the nation's future... (hm... at a wider spectrum).

That would be the guiding principle! Why we do this, why we do that? Very often, the outcomes of what we do may be seem to be distant from the final outcomes... but... little changes, little differences we make... that's when all come together to create the wave!

It's just like AH - what's the key to the organisation? Health Care! and therefore Patients! And that comes before everything! From professional expertise to little things (giving little surprises to the patients)...

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