Friday, April 07, 2006

SEED... a second look

Recently, got the chance to sit in 3 SEED lessons... at different schools... it's an eye-opener! Really, I'm influenced by the joyous and happy atmosphere emitted by the little children within the 4 walls! Seeing is believing!

The 3 lessons... provides 3 different perceptions of SEED. After the first one, I thought it was similar to the 'Inter-disciplinary Project' (IPW) lessons in secondary schools. However, as I saw the 2nd and 3rd lessons... no, not necessary! It can be teacher-led! It can also be disguised as extension and support to the curriculum, too... So, SEED puts on a different coat, depending on the creativity of the implementer. Yes, I think the teacher has a great influence in the success of a SEED class. In the first place, the teacher must must must strongly believe in the goods and benefits sow from the programme, from the students' participation. And for sure, the teacher must be confident to manage the activities in the class... and the unthreatening environment, learning takes place as a result of cooperation and help from the members, etc... wah, wah, wah!

Indeed, I enjoyed the classes... sometimes, in the middle of the lesson, I nearly forgot my role being in the classroom... to learn and pin point on areas where Baseline IT skills can sneak into the programme and run in a subtle yet "influential" way... Yes, we want to leverge on this platform to further enrich and yield even better learning experiences. Indeed, it requires lots of creativity to plan out activities for the programme, too... to ensure its relevance...

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