Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Learning Journey @ ABC Waters Exhibition

It's the first 'Learning Journey' of the year.

The exhibition overs the past, the present and future of the 'Water development' in Singapore - I think it's more of the present and coming near future... what we envision to become.

Not only it talks about the achievement to-date, it shares its masterplan of development - with work already underway and what we will see in the very near future.

'Water Education', I thought - the effort to educate the nation on how previous water is to all of us. One of the proudest achievement I think Singapore has is its NEWater - still do not know how to 'read' this - "New Water" or "NE Water"... there it goes again... Heard over the radio news that even the Australian is keen to work with Singapore on this... So, recycled water can be an innovation, too! Yes, each of us got a bottle of the NEWater at the exhibition... hm... the crystal clear 'Singapore Water'. That reminds me when in Hokkaido, the locals were proud to have the purest water from the Snow Mountain to make the soup and wine... here in Singapore, we have something too... but not available in the market.

The exhibits did not really emphasize on what we should do to save water - guess that's something expected to be communicated via other channels (through school programmes??). Its focus is on the environment - That reminds me of those advertisements of condos that splash across the newspapers! The scenic environment that comes with some 'water source', without fail. Everything presented is so good to believe and see them happening... Wah! Wah! Wah!

Then it brings us to another point - while there's effort from the various organisations and ministries to materialise the dream, how about the 'moving entities' who live and use the place. Are Singaporeans ready to exhibit the desireable level of social responsibility? nation pride? It takes many parties - directly or not directly involved in the project - to actualise the dream.

Some reports about the 'Active, Beautiful & Clean' Waters Exhibition @ the Asian Civilisation Museum:




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