Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Reflection: Workshop - Intuitive Exptal Approach (1st run)

On 23 Jan & 6 Feb 2007 @ Ngee Ann Secondary

The workshop started off with familiarising participants with GSP skills. Although the pre-requisite is participants should possess basic skills of GSP... it was obvious that teachers often ignore the pre-conditions specified. What we ended up with... 'experts' and 'aliens' to GSP skills. That comes the challenging part... to cater to such a group... on the other hand, because the tasks were crafted such that it indirectly led the participants' through some thinking processes, it was rather difficult to let-go some of them along the way... there're junctures where all were 'brought' together for discussions. There it goes... triggered some not-so-desirable behaviours among the participants (also see: Who needs to attend workshop?). On the other hand, it eventally boils down to one's professional ettiquette.

As suggested during the post-session discussion, it will be good to front the session, right from the beginning for the participants to see what this is what pupils are expected to go through, rather than to anchor it as a 'refresher' session - this helps them to see the purpose behind the session, and also to attempt the activities, hopefully with the pupils' perspectives in mind. This would probably make the session more meaningful... and at the same time, helping them to anticipate potential 'problems' to manage better.

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