Saturday, May 26, 2007

Innergy Award 2007

Was quite excited on Thursday evening... in fact, was distracted by the email and ended up not doing what I was suppose to do that night. Busily sms-ing to Timothy and San Chye, spreading the good news... probably because the "energy and motivation" levels have been pretty low recently, need something to perk-up :D

It came as a surprise... hahaha... just a suggestion to put up the blogging experience as a project - ok had to go through the 'dingdong-ing' process (with regards to the report)... not bad... get the Commendation award.

So, what did we do? It's really the use of blogs to facilitate workshops... and at the same time, to model the use of the platform in T&L. Of course, it gives everybody the space to air - and it helps to bring out ideas and thoughts of the quieter participants.

In fact, this reminded me that while I was away in July 2004, Agnes dropped me an email that our ESSS was awarded the best suggestion in the year... on the use of spreadsheet as a e-Teachers' Record book... Well, apart from the $ received, there was no letter or certificate that mentioned about that... so there wasn't any thing to keep for memory.

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