Friday, July 13, 2007

Reflection: Workshop @ EXCEL Fest on... Graphing Calculator

The workshop is a modified version of the TRAISI workshop... with the activities went through a pretty rigorous critique - as there were some face-lifting done to the activities.

Well, it's really making Mathematics experimental, I think.
Yes, the activities are pretty interesting, however, I think, as a teacher, I will not (quite definite) spend that amount of time and get my pupils to go through the tasks:

1. Matching me: I agree that it's really interesting to get pupils to experience what 'speed' is, and really figure out the movement represented by different slopes - especially the plateau - when there's no motion while time runs.... of course, another learning point is to learn the concept of displacement (where the graph also double up as a 'displacement-time' graph). Perhaps, this would be something we do as a class - getting a couple of students to demonstrate. Hm... how about turning it into a competition between groups?

2. Bouncing Ball: As one of the teachers commented (in fact the facial expression already told) - what's the relevance? Yes, I think it's something we are not clear, too! Apart from capturing 'movement' for analysis...

3. Golden Ratio: An interesting activity, but again, I think it's its value-add - apart being a productivity tool. The use of the TI navigator in this activity was really something new to us. Its wireless feature - however, realised that it's not-so-wireless... in a way that the GCs have to be connected to the navigator before doing the wireless transfer... seems like it's still in the primitive stage? Hm... why technology like blue-tooth is not tapped on???

On the whole (at least from the Match Me station that I assisted)... the follow points were noted:
- Participants (most of them) seem reluctant to move around... so after a while, they got tired... They also did not seem interested in the pupil activity.
- Participants are more interested in the prices of the equipment.

Hm... I don't quite find satisfaction in this session...

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