Saturday, November 03, 2007

ETD Day... 2007, 2 November

... about the afternoon segment...

It's really an afternoon spent leaving work behind the mind... er... occasionally keep in mind but put it across in the satirical way! We were engaged (or should I say, absorbed) in the activity... Personally not because it's interesting... they were simply... the emcee? Have seen better ones... Okay, anyone who fronted the show in the morning could do a better job - a pad on the Wil-kie's and Richard's shoulders :D

Yes, it started off with 'most boring' item of any team building activity - Have a Group Name, Give a Group Slogon and a Group Motto.

What did we come up with?

  • Group Name: SCS It's really up to individual's interpretation... or in fact, it reflects the state of mind of the interpreter, right? Some positive ones include Sure Cans, Sure Can Suvive! Of course pessimistic thoughts also includes... Well, well, well... we can't control one's thinking... So, it's up to one's state of mind :D
  • Group Motto: No Eat, No Sleep, All Work. Hahaha... at crucial periods... that happens! Interpret further - Eat also think of work... (so can't eat properly)... Sleep also think of work... (so can't sleep properly... oh yes!!! Nightmares!!!)... So??? It's all work lor!!!
  • Group Slogon: Tough times don't last, PD does! This was tweaked from "Tough times don't last, baseline does!" hahaha... very interesting way of talking the happenings in the section now... at least, this will continue for the next couple of years!

Well, well, well... what else could better connect us than the above? The games include

  • Transferring a 4 items - a pail, a wire-bracket, a tennis ball and a cone, one at a time, from one end to another... so, it's about team work...
  • Forming shapes (rectangle, 5-pointed star) using a string... so it tested our spatial visualisation and imagination and logical thinking, too!!!
  • The massive activity was the one where it tried to communicate the importance of clear communication. How it works:
  • 2 members to leave the room first, they'll have to following "unsaid" instructions to carry out a number of actions. After they leave the room...
  • 2 members will be briefed by the organiser the series of actions the first 2 members suppose to do. They were to return to the table and brief the rest of the members. After which, they are not allowed to talk.
  • First: Collect the cone and leave it on the table. Next collect the Pail and the Wire-bracket and bring them to the front of the stage. Thirdly, bring the wire-bracket to the table, exchange with the cone and leave it at the stage. Bring the pail (from the front of the stage) to the other end of the room and leave it there. Return to the front of the stage, hold the hand of a member and do a tour. Hold hands and go to the stage. The end.
  • One more activity whereby instructions were given to 2 members. They were to convey the message in a non-written language way on the series of tasks of carry out.

One part of the programme is on Destress... well, there came the 'guru' to lead the group to go through a series of exercises - such as taking deep breaths, "imagination", raising the legs, the arms, etc...

Well, good effort for the organiser to bring in this component. However, did we really benefit from it? For a while, just wondering, should we listen or should we follow and do along? For a while, I thought it was along the line of what's roll-out during the Teachers' mass lecture - ERP (Exercise Regularly Period)... Just wondering... something that's created... with much $$ and effort put in... it was launched during the lecture... and what's next? die a natural death??? Just wonder...

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