Saturday, September 29, 2007

Interactive Whiteboard

On Wednesday, Yvonne shared on the use of the Interactive Whiteboard with a few of us. I was quite excited when Kevin told us about the session - 'cos have heard so much about it (of course, more of the not-so-positive feedback) but nevertheless, I guess, I'm still at the "IWB novelty" stage as I've not used it before... so, it looks and sounds new to me... seems mysterious :D True enough, seeing a life demonstration certainly give the IWB justice on areas that it's good at.

So, any new discovery?
  • It's definitely a frontal teaching tool although the pupils can also be given the opportunity to 'interact' with the IWB. "Interact" here is really coming up to the board and do the necessary inputs.
  • (i) White/Black-board equivalent
  • For instance, we can write 4 different questions on the board and get 4 pupils to solve on the board at the same time. Well, with the interactive whiteboard, pupils cannot write at the same time (else the system will get confused!!!) while the advantage is really, pupils work can be captured as an image file for future reference. Just thinking... not necessary all the time. I can just snap the photo of the board. Isn't it similar?
  • (ii) Magic tricks
  • OK, must admit that normal ppt will not be able to do tricks like
  • (i) Hiding text behind patches of 'paint' to create that 'unveiling' effect as the text appears when one 'cleans' the area
  • (ii) Using the 'curtain'/'spotlight' to reveal part of the image to focus pupils' attention to a certain part of the screen
  • (iii) The spin wheel, which I thought is the electronic version of spin wheel we bought at Kengan's workshops!
Of course, no doubt, if it's the first few times of using it, it will generate immerse interest among the pupils. Well, how long will this sustain? I wonder.


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