Thursday, February 28, 2008

Reflection: Workshop for HOD/Maths (2nd run)

@ Chung Cheng High (Yishun), 21 & 28 February 2008
This is the 2nd run of the workshop - saw some improvements over the 1st run, but there were also areas not carried out so smoothly, as compared to previous run.

What I thought we did well:

  • Bold enough to try a new grouping strategy. Thought it was refreshing - not just participants' feedback, but I felt so... a change :D Still remember I said that, "Let's do it in an non-ICT way!" I guess that surprised some participants!
  • Beefing up the resources for the "ICT tools in Education" component. Thought it was a right move, introducing them a wide range, and really getting every group to crack their head. However, because of the lack of time, there are several repetitive ones... so, it would be perfect if have taken care not to feature similar ones.
  • Of course, it's encouraging, to hear from Ivy that at least one of the resources have been used by her teachers already! :D
  • Good that tea break was ready right at the start of the workshop... Ahha... participants were pampered! Well, we managed to steal some time lah...

Things that did not go that well:

  • Time management - one of the worst rounds - all I could blame, because I forgot to wear my watch for the 1st session. Was so lost... No good... There wasn't any wall clock in the lab, too... Lesson learn: No matter what, depend on thyself!
  • Lab arrangement - not very conducive for a large group, especially the cluster right in front of the teachers' station... Can't see at all! What kind of awkward design!!!
  • More can be done when participants shared about the learning gaps!
  • Should not have told them the "Deliverables" of the learning activity - I'm referring to the Integration matrix. By now should have learnt what are the buttons not to trigger!!! Please remember - never never mention the word "deliverable"!

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