Saturday, February 23, 2008

Talk: HINDUISM REDISCOVERED - A Religion in Vogue

by Vivekacharya Pavan Choudary (on February 22, 2008; 7:00pm to 8:30pm @ SMU)

Chanced upon the publicity advertisement on last Sunday's newspaper. Hey, looked interesting, I thought... Hinduism? It has always been a mysterious yet colourful religion in my eyes. It's also a rather complicated one, I thought, equivalent to Taoism - with lots of gods and deity stories. This is very unlike religions like Buddhism, Christianity and Islam where there's one significant figure that people can associate with. Hey, what a chance! So, I signed up - really, curiosity drives action :D

No doubt, after the 1½ hours, learnt more about the religion. The talk was interesting though yawned a couple of times because of the early bird symptom... hahaha... Pavan delivered the talk with strength and belief... with humour, and it's so easy to understand - of course, because it's not in depth (else could be very donning...) And yes, the entertainment by his assistant, who sang several verses of the poems by Kabir.

Hinduism - the belief touches on

  1. transmigration of the soul - which implies the soul does not die after death, it casts itself into another body.
  2. karma - doctrine of compensation - this is equivalent to what you reap is what you soar, though it could carry across several lives.
  3. hierarchy - yes, this is certainly reflective at the caste system.

In a nutshell, here's some points jotted down in that evening...

Another "Thought of the Day"... When someone throws stones at you, use it to build the castle

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dclh said...

Hi, I attended the talk too! It was my friend who told me about it, probably after he read in in the newspaper.
I am especially impressed by, and enjoyed the Q&A session, and the reason is because he answered with wisdoms.
ps: I found your blog through Google Blog search.