Sunday, September 07, 2008

EZ Maths Symposium 2008

@ Tao Nan School on 5 September 2008
Opening address by Mr Gan CH (DD/East)

Key emphasis: Reflective Practice

  • Open-mindedness - the willingness to listen to different perspectives
  • Responsibility - mindful of the consequences of our action
  • Wholeheartedness

He also shared some kind points from a research paper published by QCA recently, pointing out the findings on what inspires/motivates learners

  • What motivates... when learners ahve the desire to use what they have learnt actively and creatively
  • What inspires... the passion of the teacher
  • What inspires... when they have the opportunity to use ICT - they enjoy the interactivity and creative potential of technology
  • What motivates... challenging yet achievable tasks

Interestingly, Mr Gan brought the audience's attention to a TV series that anchors on the use of Mathematics to solve cases!

Read more about NUMB3RS

another book: Elemetary & Middle School Maths - Teaching Developmnetally


Talk by Helmer Aslaksen (

- well-known for his study of the different kinds of calendars found in Singapore (Chinese, Muslim, Indian)

Appreciate & Question; Connections; Relevance

  • Theory of hanging clothes to dry (half a year in the east; half a year in the west)
  • Do the hands of the clock still move clockwise if it is invented at the southern hemisphere? (hm.. mind provoking...)
  • Do Chinese celebrate "Lunar New Year"... or should Chinese celebrate "Lunisolar New Year"? hahaha!!!
  • Winter solstice; Summar solstice; Equinox
  • Flowering time for Plants in Singapore
  • The Singapore Flag - the crescent and the look of the stars

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