Saturday, August 30, 2008

National Education (III) Challenges Ahead

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Foundational Pillars of the PS21 Movement:

Scenario planning is strategic planning.... scenarios are stories about the future. In telling this story, we examine the forces that are at play today and how they might influence the future.

10 driving forces
- definite trends [3]
- critical uncertainity [7]

Definite trends:
(i) Increasing complexity, increasing instability = mobile technology; accessibility to information
(ii) Aging Population: We are living longer however our population is shrinking
(iii) Physical realities

Critical uncertainties:
(iv) Who's in power?
(v) What will be our social structures and values? (eg. "Is it a family to go home to" or "success and wealth at all costs"?)
(vi) Can the planet continue to support our needs?
(vii) How will technology shape the future?
(viii) Who am I? (People being closer through globalisation & technology)
(ix) How do we trade?
(x) What will future governments look like?