Friday, November 28, 2008

"Moated" Stage

This morning, went to a primary school to meet up a teacher for discussion. While waiting, the courtyard caught my attention.

It's pretty common to find artificial waterfall, ponds in schools nowadays! Yes, usually the ponds are filled with big fat kois! hahaha.... and normally they comes with little bridges that cut across the small, narrow ponds. That sounds familiar? Hahaha... it's really more for aesthetic reasons! The bridges are there for no obvious reasons! Hm... for some, I think also for feng shui?

Well, look at the picture: The stage platform is right at the middle of the pond. Hahaha... inspired by the floating stage/platform at Marina Bay? I wonder. Hey, the landscape resembles that of the castle surrounded by the moat. (Ah! That reminded me of the Tower of London!)

Thought it is a good idea to have an outdoor "stage"- for practical reason... it can cater to outdoor performance/event. At times when want to carry out experiments with the creatures in the water, it offers a wider area for students to carry out experiments, etc.

Something not captured in the picture - ie. opposite the stage are steps which can turn into seats for audience!

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