Saturday, November 22, 2008

Swan Song... 18 Nov 2008 @ Yishun Primary

According to Collins English dictionary - Swan Song: Person's last performance before retirement or death. Hahaha... what simple explanation!

Oh yes, sang my swan song on Tuesday... that's the very last workshop for the year, while I'm officially attached to Level 14... or I would say, before I graduate from level 14? Hm... or before I retire from level 14? hahaha..... Hm... another tick on the checklist... hahaha.....

The workshop is on "Weblog for Maths Learning" (Primary) - oh yes, one of my key babies in my stay at ETD... hahaha... so much so that I've been labelled the Blog Queen here... ^.^

In fact, for this workshop, worked with the Maths dept on this 2-Phase PD model which I initiated and tried to promote to schools that asked for Maths workshops this year... It was experimental, I would say, but the idea has been pretty well-bought in - not just with YPS, but also PYSS. I thank the Malek and Lan, the HOD/Maths for both PYSS & YPS being so supportive of this idea!

Through this, I also learn that, for any well-thought through ideas, no matter how well good it is, it only generates buy-in if both parties could see the benefits both could reap from this collaboration both short term and long term - it has to be win-win in order to garner the desired level of commitment; and it should not take too long for both parties to see the win-win... which is the first step to bigger a bigger win!

Well, conducting this workshop is a breeze to me - in terms of delivering the entire workshop - as it's the 6-7th time doing this - each time varied... of course, for YPS, I've also done it differently... in terms of illustrations on the use of the platform for Maths learning.

This is the workshop which I think I modelled very well how the platform could be integrated into Maths activities... and, succinctly pointed out to participants the message I want to convey. Hm... a pad on my shoulder.

Certainly, the hardwork over the months when I collated and followed through implementation helps to build up a database that allows me to use to convince my participants what they learn is practical and has been practised by others in Singapore! Yes, I emphasize Singapore 'cos many a time (even myself), we are not quite convince of the possibility of transferring overseas practices into local context - 'cos our system, curriculum are Uniquely Singapore! Well, by gathering the practitioners' works under one umbrella - hopefully, through sharing... the fire continues...

In fact, it's a 2-way thing... how the workshop goes, how each and everybody feels in a workshop - it's all dependent on each and everyone... the mood they bring along with them that day, their attitude... it influences one another... yes, if we could imagine... it's very magical!

Oh yes, an applause to the participants - you made my day!

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