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Saw this post "CPF" when visited Richie's blog - One take away of our reflection day. Ah! I agreed with him, this wise someone has brought across the points so succinctly that reminded all of us, what we are in for... and of course, the expectations.

Well, I'm pretty absent-minded... can't quite recall the elaboration of these... but, one thing I sure remember - myself nodding my head, agreeing with what's said as I listened... because what's said aligns with what I believe...

How I would associate/interpret "CPF"
Perhaps let's take it irregardless of what context we are talking about... In fact, it appears as general principles...

C - Courage and Commitment
  • Courage is critical - for one to venture beyond the comfort zone, and for one to seek breakthroughs - be it big or small.
  • I made a big step (which I considered so) when I signed on the dot to leave my comfort zone for a year, what's more I was rooted to the comfort zone for more than 10 years. Of course, I did my risk assessment and I know what I will (or will risk to) lose - which includes opportunities, and many others. Lots of things would be put to test. Then I learn that Courage is driven by Beliefs!
  • Similarly, for where I am now - Do I have a choice? Yes. I do. I could choose to go elsewhere and do other thing if I've decided not to come to where I am now. Coming to where I am now - needs courage, too! Because it's a piece of unknown land, it's a total new adventure... one need not to say much, there's high expectations from the institution. So, will I live up to the mark? What if I don't? What consequences or implications (to myself)? Hm... perhaps it's not so much of others' expectation - I presume that I'm now here means I (am expected to) meet the minimum expectation. It's more like a personal challenge! Since I've taken the first step, the rest of the journey? Just pick up the courage and move on! There's "No Point of Return".
  • Commitment is essential for a job done well. There's where we breathe "life" into what we do! That's where we bring out "life" in what we do!
  • Without commitment, how is one going to bring out the best or get the most out of any opportunities. Without commitment, there's no sustainability; there's no continuity; there's no heart or soul in what one does... So, what's the purpose of being there?
  • Oh! It sounds so terrible!!!!! Without commitment, how does one draw satisfaction from what they do? (ok, minus those who only count the dollar and cents!).
  • Well, again, it boils down to one's personal belief.

P - Purpose and Perseverance

  • Look at what we do - every action, every thought, don't they serve a purpose? Basically, it's all purpose driven! Hm... it sounds like another word of "Purpose" is "Agenda"? Oops! using the word "agenda" somehow gives it a negative connotation. Right?
  • Often, when we ask people why they do this or that, to drill down further, we just want to know, what's the purpose behind what they do.
  • One subject close to our heart, WHY students learn ICT skills?
  • It's not because it's a good to have. It's not because everybody's out there are learning. It's not a matter of being kiasu and not to lose out. It's not because we are a Technology school. No! No! No! That's not our underlying purpose!
  • It's the VALUE! It's the value that ICT can bring about! That's why ICT comes into the picture. That's why the primary notion is, we want students to LEARN WITH ICT, and not learn to use ICT.
  • Someone said (or maybe I should use the word "warned") we should not use ICT for the seek of using it. Yes. I fully agree. However, we should not borrow this phrase to deny the potential it has, to deprive the opportunities for this potential to show the world that it could... in the name that there are other methods that has been proven good, and great??? Or is it a reflection of people lack the courage to venture and test out possibilities?
  • Purpose goes with Value, I believe.
  • Perseverence - another magical word - It's one's spirit and determination to move on, despite of challenging times. It's about hanging on during bad times, getting through the stage, and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel...
  • To persevere, it means one believes there's "hope" for the better! Maybe we could say, "hope" is the "carrot" to perseverence? hahaha.....
  • To persevere, it means one does not give up. It's not just the piece of work, it's also one's belief.
  • Not everyone could persevere under all circumstances. On the other hand, when one couldn't persevere in one instance, it doesn't mean he/she doesn't when subjected to other circumstances. I guess, the personal priority, and what one values plays a pivot role here.
  • Can perseverence be trained? Maybe not... but I think the environment (i.e. people around, as well as the kind of support available) matters. It could either enhance (maybe, "increase" is a better word) or diminish!

F - Friends and Family

  • These are important elements that make the 2Cs and 2Ps to take place.
  • Understanding and supportive family members and friends make a big difference.
  • They are ones who stand by us, they are the ones who encourage us and give the moral support even though they know know they might not be able to help.
  • They are the ones who could understand us, and where we are coming from (the purpose) without us even iterating it umpteen times!
  • Gentle taps and tinkles make a difference! They tell us - we are not alone. They are the ones who would offer a cushion to us when we need to be comforted.
  • They are also the ones who have the courage to tell us our blind spots! of course, they are also the ones who bother to make us a better person. They are the ones who will tell us what we have done wrong. If they don't bother, they won't take the risk to 'empty' their emotional account.
  • Just remember, don't take them for granted! Appreciate the people around us!

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