Friday, December 25, 2009

Digital Collage

Came across the online software when visited one of the students' site. This is an accidental surprise, as I would have gone for the simplest means, insert the images in a powerpoint slide and convert it to an image. Didn't expect any online stuff. The website is

Nevertheless, it's interesting as it could organise/re-arrangment the images in various ways!
and can extract images conveniently from online albums! So convenient.

Here are some of my masterpieces...

Can also find here:



Richie said...

Hahaha, aren't you a bit egoistic!?

But then, I suppose a collage of this nature would be like that! :)

Richie said...
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LOH Kwai Yin said...

Hi Richie

Hahaha... that's what the digital collage is for!

Just joking... but I really enjoyed my 'participation' in the song-and-dance (of course, virtually!)