Saturday, September 04, 2010

Me in SecondLife

This is my very first avatar in SecondLife... haha... Have not done any touch-up yet... except changing the pair of shoes...

Looks pleasing, at least... with the dark long locks and that unbelievably tiny waist... except that it doesn't look Asian (which I still prefer that) haha... :)

Indeed, it isn't the first time I come across SecondLife. 2 years ago, there's this interest to explore the potential of SecondLife in Teaching and Learning. Think the Consultancy section introduced this to the Principals and at PD section, Soh Tin also took the lead to bring in Kenneth from NIE to introduce it to us. In fact, I have a blog post for this too! Sharing on 2nd Life & Pedagogical Benefits (10 Sep 2008)

It's a new move to explore learning... Guess there are lots of potential in it... except that we've yet found the right key to open the door that shows us how it could do in an effective, yet practical manner (which includes the amount of time and effort), making it worth every single cent and amount of effort put in.

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voyager said...

thank you for being open-minded enough to give the world a try :-)