Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Why Mathematics?"

Was asked this question yesterday... "Why do you like Maths?"

I was caught off-guard! Hahahaha... It's the 1st time someone asked me this question.
I guess, if the question was asked in a different manner, "What subject you like most?" Then it would have been a much easier question to ask... That's Chinese Language (that comes its culture and history)... Which I would 'intensify' it to "Passion".

Having the passion in a subject does not necessary couple with fluency (although most of the time, one leads to another, or vice versa).

For a moment, I was trying to 'retrieve' the relevant pieces of information and organise them. Of course, because of the years of training, I realised what surfaced immediately were those responses that sound so 'politically' correct. Why Mathematics?

So, the first question is really, "Do I really like Mathematics?"
When it doesn't come with assessment and not bounded by the curriculum, the degree of 'like' would have escalated to "love", I guess. This certainly started off with good experiences since young.

Mathematics is a language. Yes, the 10 digits from 0 to 9 are simply powerful and wonderful!

  • Notice the patterns created by these 10 digits? (well, I'm only referring to the Hindu-Arabic numeration system). It could lead one into lost worlds, or worst still... a blackhole, a point of no return.
  • Just 10 digits, it could change the lives of people around! From early civilisations to today! With mathematics, there's how early civilisations came up with so many inventions that today's mankind still rely on!
  • The mathematics in nature! Mysterious and only Mother Nature knows the why...
  • The mathematical laws that reflect the behaviour of mankind & natural phenomenon.
  • The 10 digitals could make a difference to one's life! It could change one's life! one's experience! and even one's destiny!

Mathematics can create wonders... yet at the same time, it could play evil! It gives the best... and yet, it could give the worst.

Think about it... Life would be so dull if the Mathematical Language no longer exist...

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