Sunday, May 30, 2010

Glogster - an exploration

Chanced upon this new online application while checking out (inside ThinkQuest) for an ADE who worked in Suzhou - Glory Goh, a Singaporean who was also an ex-Teacher, currently working in the Dulwich College Suzhou.

There comes Glogster! It seems to be an dynamic poster application! See what I've created... We could add animation, and even multimedia clips (e.g. video, audio) to the poster as well! Oh yes, we could also upload our own files (including images and clips!)

An interesting productivity tool to consider!

Try click and hold down at the images - We could enlarge the images uploaded to the poster!

Something that I realised it could not work with - at this point of time - i.e. Keying in of Chinese characters... it failed miserably - although 'accepting' the keying in process, the characters were not displayed. Of course, the poster remains 'portrait'.

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