Sunday, June 06, 2010

Glogster (II) Further Exploration

Revisited Glogster this morning,hoping to generate some good ideas that could bring this tool/ application into teaching and learning... but I think, at this point, is still very much for the 'creation' - as an end-product. While explorating, I discover that some features are really very easy to use - that helps in the user experience! Of course, there are also limitations (which I always find the excuse for it - because it's free! What more could we ask for?)

Of course, apart from just creating the Glog, I've also embedded it into the blog (which is habitual of me!), to go with further elaboration...

I think, one of the greatest advantage, as compared to direct upload to the blog is - one could layout several objects in the poster, and possibly making use of the non-standard text format. It certainly encourages creativity.

Illustration 1: Using photographs to create an digital poster, to be accompanied with text. One could also select appropriate text and images (including animation) to create the 'ambience' and enhance the "message" in the presentation.

Illustration 2: A video clip is embedded into the poster, with appropriate text. The additions around the 'key' components enhances the context of the content.

One potential activity: Students capturing acts of goodwill - a description, followed by one's own response to what's observed. Images and clips speak a thousand words.

Glogster has made it quite easy to upload video clips - as it allows one to copy the link of clips that are already uploaded to media repositories like YouTube. The only thing which is not obvious is, after clicking at the 'upload' button, one doesn't know whether the operation is activated or not until the image/ video clip appears in the uploaded window.

One other aspect - layout - it's limited to portrait only. There is no way to change the final display (in blog) by editing the size under the html environment. It simply conforms to portrait and 're-size' accordingly.

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