Sunday, October 17, 2010

About Cultural Identity (I) Diwali commercial - Petronas

This was shared by the Group 9 - to conclude the day of presentation (that lasted for 5 solid hours today. The topics revolved no other than topics on Identity & Multiculturalism.

This clip was an interesting one... which I think, it clearly illustrates what's going through in our youths' minds today. In fact, it touches on what another group talked about "Assimilation" vs "Multiculturalism" - what's happening today?

In the advertisement, the 4 young men actually 'adopted' what they considered as "hip". And that included creatively 'adopted' a new name "Andy" and "Sam". However, they were spotted by grandma who brought them back to reality!

Well, initially, I thought "Andy" would either run away or rudely replied his grandma to 'mind her own business'... haha... that's how I would stereotype those 'hip-hop' guys! Nevertheless, the storyline has proven me wrong! And grandma has no fear to correct "Sam"! (not anticipating any rude responses from him?), and she added "What a divine name!" hahaha....

There's hidden and deeper values to a seemingly entertaining advertisement.

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