Sunday, October 17, 2010

About Cultural Identity (II) Rojak

It's a very nice and close-to-the-heart analogy... literally, from the bowl of rojak... it reminds us the 'good taste' in the hands of a good chef - to bring the different 'foreign entities' together.

I like the simple approach.. where the different 'components' that make up the rojak... isn't it the same as the different nationalities that make up our nation?

However, it does not necessary mean that we could just mix any fruits together. Good taste only come about by the appropriate portion of paste and the chef who mix the paste with the fruits, and the finishing (sprinkle peanuts on the rojak)!

Put it across in a simplistic manner: The paste resembles the programmes that are to be implemented while the chef is really the 'implementor' of the programme - the outcomes depend largely how it's delivered.

So, don't take for granted the 'uniquely' made in Singapore rojak :)

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