Sunday, May 15, 2011

Improving Our Lives Together

Chapter 3 of The Path by Konosuke Matsushita

This chapter begins with the 'fundamental' element that exists amongst people, that is, "link" and "connections"... how do they come about? Well, I infer Konosuke is a buddhist 'cos for several times, he talked about karma... I guess, "karma' exists in different forms for different religions and beliefs... in the book, it's written, "The bonds that bring people together are in reality formed from the profound workings of karma - links and connnections that transcend what we think of as human will or desire".

Then he moved on, going from simple practices that we take for granted everyday... yes, a simple greeting like hello opens the window to deepening the link between people! One powerful sentence to end the section was "Courteous and cheerful recognition of each other's presence is one way we can make our world a better place". Indeed, I think many of us would agree that the warmth that existed within our environment now is far much lesser than those good old times... for some of us, might date it back as old as those kampong days! (haha... how many of us actually got the 'privilege' to live in kampongs? I wonder). "Cold" is the word that many of us would use to describe the kind of "neighbour" relationship that exists these days!

The spirit of service is another key idea of this chapter... to live together, the spirit of give and receive, serve and be served exists... and reciprocity... is the way of the world! Something I agree totally is, "Giving is not just limited to physical objects; it includes services, care, love, attention. It involves sharing whatever you have in your power with others to the best of your ability." I think, this is truly powerful! Yes, we recognise that "every person on this earth has within him or her heaven-sent qualities found in no other, if those qualities are expressed." Oh yes, but to put across in a nasty manner, it also means that each and everyone of us do come with some undesireable nasty qualities that sometimes we demonstrate to expect others to reciprocate in kindness? Have a second thought, "This is really bad!"

Just bear in mind, when we give, be kind and give what we think would benefit others and be a pleasure for others to receive...

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