Monday, May 23, 2011

On a Street in Singapore

Read this book on my way home today... and finished this within the 40-min MRT journey. Had some good laugh... but it also brought back some nice memories...

This cartoon reminded me of those days that I took Bus Number 4 from Boon Keng Road back to Bedok! Ah! My upper primary school days. Oh yes, those were the days when buses did not come with air-con or fan. Those were the buses with a bus conduct who would either park himself/herself near the entrance if the bus came with two doors. Oh yes, there were those old fashioned buses like those in this cartoon that supposedly came with a door but the door was missing. So, the bus conductor was the one who guard the entrance/exit to prevent people from falling out of the bus when it made turns! Haha... so exciting! Those were the days!

This is one of my favourite local dishes... Satay! Actually, the sweet peanut paste is the key to this dish :)

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