Sunday, October 09, 2011

Something You Forgot... Along the Way

This is an amazing book that gets me to revisit some of our principles... and to wipe the layer of 'dust' of the lens that we've been using for quite a while without noticing sometimes we forget about the fundamentals.

Kentetsu Takamori is a Buddhist guru. While some of the stories cited made use of Buddhist characters, it's easy for one to make the connection and the 'religion' aspect is basically just to provide a 'context'.

Here are some picked up from the book:

Something that resonates well with me... let's revisit our day before welcoming the next day, what are some things that we do has value-added to ourself or others? What difference have we made so that the day is not wasted? It need not be a "big" difference that generates a huge impact. But something that value-adds to the experience! Else, if we just let time passes without making a slight change, it's not only "we haven't really lived today", I think it's also "we haven't really left today".

Some may think that one would have 'wasted' a day if one doesn't do anything at all, just sit down at one corner, laid back and let time pass... Well, well, do not take it literally and quote without the context! In a case when one rests to re-gain the energy and to reflect before moving on, isn't it an active act for a meaningful purpose? :)

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