Sunday, October 09, 2011

Those Who Lack Compassion

Source: "Something You Forgot... Along the Way"

I've read several other stories out there that were similar to this one... briefly, it's a story on Sakymuni's intent to 'reward' one for his/her kindness that is out of genuity.Unfortunately, despite of 3 chances, the 'subject' still could not demonstrate any kindness.

It's about kindness... which many a time, we forget that it's a value, rather than something that is to be motivated by external factors. It ought to be a belief that motivates us to demonstrate an appropriate behaviour that illustrates kindness. In fact, one should not expect to be rewarded when demonstrate kindness. Back to a remark by a colleague recently, why should one be rewarded to do something that one should be responsible for? Hm... Food for thought :)

Think about it... isn't it a bit sad when we need to have "Kindness Movement" to remind us about what we should be practicsing everyday? So does this tell us about the socio-changes?

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