Saturday, February 18, 2012

Story Marathons... Here it comes again!!!

This is one of the few activities that I like... and I hope the same applies to the students who have participated in such activities!

Started introducing this to the Y2010 batch of Sec 1 (S1-01), which was my very first attempt. The initial idea was really more for fun, and definitely, I believe it's a platform for the students to exercise their creativity and to think out of the box, which many of us are comfortable with the status quo. Well, the Red Riding Hood story with a Twist generated some pretty interesting story line. This was continued in the 2nd year with Y2011 Sec 1 again (S1-01 & S1-02).

While imagination comes in, one of the intent is to get one to think more explicitly that numbers (or mathematics) is 'everywhere', and we take for granted sometimes, to ignore its existence!

This year, decided to make a further twist to introduce 4 different adapted stories:
1. The Princess and the Pea - The princess might ended up nowhere near the bed with the pea
2. Snow White and Seven Dwarfs - which I wonder would the dwarfs be introduced to the story at all???
3. Little Mermaid - who might forget about the Prince and possibly visit the Universal Studio?
4. Jack and the Beanstalk - which I'm not sure if he would ever meet the Giant?

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