Saturday, December 01, 2012

Google New Search Feature - Search by Image!

This was something I thought of a couple of months ago, since I received the pot of plant because to-date, I still do not know "what" this plant is... haha... The first thing crossed my mind was, can we search by image! (without going to those portals/ forums where people talk about plants!)

Chanced upon this update by Google on search by images; and it's god-send! I would not have dreamt of search engine has become so powerful! Here's the steps described (see image below).
It's easy! I've tried!

Of course, the first thing I try is the plant! 
and this is what I got. I guess, it attempted to get the closest possible match? 
Hm... unfortunately, no luck this time... 

I suspect it's probably because the library is not huge enough or the image search engine is still in its infant stage? or it's the mechanism - the features the engine uses to match and map?

So, here's my 2nd attempt - to upload a photo I took inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Guess what! Bingo! It maps correctly! 

Here's the search result:

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