Thursday, December 06, 2012

QR Codes - Have fun (visually)!

QR codes are quite commonly used nowadays - an application of technology to improve efficiency. Obvious advantage is, it saves one from keying in URLs which comes with a string of characters (although nowadays people start to use shorten URLs).

Shortened URLs are useful when we attempt the access with a computer, a device that comes with a keyboard (if we were to talk about efficiency). However, when it comes to mobile devices where the buttons of the 'virtual keyboard' fight for space to 'receive' the touch of our finger tips, here's where the QR code technology comes in very handy. No typing or remembering of URLs needed. Just scan the image using the QR Code reader! That it goes! To some extend, it is making the 'minds' to become lazier? (haha...)

There are lots of potential in the use of QR codes in education. Though up to now, we see its use as a productivity 'tool' being most common. Of course, QR codes have become increasing popular for trail activities... hm... to add that 'mysterious' flavour? Hm...

Today, come across this the website:
which brings 'enhances' the visual presentation - or to give more character or identity to the code that's generated... Here's one that I created in less than a minute :)

Tested out with my iPhone... and yes, it works (and it's free)

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