Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some Thoughts: What to consider for eBook implementation

The article listed 14 things that we should look at before implementing eBooks (schoolwide):

I think, the key considerations before we embark on the project would be 
(1) Purpose - not just for 'convenience', but what else (experience) eBooks can provide that traditional hardcopies can't. At the same time, we also need to know what are the experiences that we'll be omitting when not using the printed version.

(11) Instruction - how would classroom instruction change with the new media. Not so much of how to manage the 'hardware', but what else we could do that previously we can't do with the hardcopies? What are some 'strategies' that works in the past now no longer works. We have to be mindful of these. Else (borrowing an analogy I read from another book, no matter how good and reliable a 'delivery service' is, if fails when there is no recipient to receive the goods.

(12) Roll-out plan - planning is important. More importantly, the need to monitor the implementation and gather feedback from both teachers and students are important so that the process could be refined over time. Else, some sceptical people would take opportunity to pass death sentences to the initiative. 

(13) Professional Development - Do not undermine this, although many a time, those who 'push' for the implementation might "sell" it such that it's idiot-proof, or it's soooo.... simple to use. PD could include the change in mindset and the building of a community to support the change, the change for the a better learning experience for the students, and a better delivery experience for the teachers.  

Below are the 14 things listed in the article 

1. Purpose
2. Devices/Portal
3. Content Decisions
4. Funding (long term/short term)
5. Pricing
6. Ownership of content
7. Formats
8. Number of circulations
9. Number of access at one time
10. Enhancements
11. Instruction
12. Roll out plan
13. Professional Development
14. Publicize it!

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