Sunday, October 06, 2013

Technophobe vs Technophile


According to online Oxford dictionary,
a technophobe is a person who fears, dislikes, or avoids new technology
a technophile a person who is enthusiastic about new technology

The write-up in the above link succinctly highlighted the response/ reaction of each of these people when technology fails to work out at the 'critical moment' that it should prove itself worth the use (in the eyes of the technophobe).

Well, it's about attitude, I think, for a technophobe to acknowledge the fact that technology is here to stay and it's no point trying to prove its 'unworthiness' by all his/her means. Instead, these people should sit down, take a deep breath, and take a good look at what it is and accept that they have no choice, but to be eventually be immersed and embrace it... else, one would be there to wait to be drowned by it.

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treety said...

Labels like this may just make things worse than it is...I imagine even a technophobe can't help but be using some technology in everyday life. Most of us whould just be in-between technophobe and technophile. Those who are perceived as technophobes just need more convincing and proof that the use of 'new' technology is helping them and people around them. Indeed, it would help if the demonstrations of use of technology reveal the value- addedness that it can afford and not a mere replacement of non-tech ways of doing things. It should lead to experiences that are more enriching than when no technology is used. Many more good examples, please.